What to wear during your brand photo session


So you’re planning a brand photo shoot… you are going to be blasting images all over the internet and you look in your closet and you realize


My husband hates when I look at my overflowing closet and say “I don’t have anything to wear” his response is always the same “well throw all this shit away.” Men just don’t understand! (update: I watched Tyding Up on Netflix and decided to purge my closet, turns out my Husband was right… I feel so much better now, but dont tell him, he already thinks he knows every damn thing!)

Anyway… I have answers to your question…

what to wear during your brand photo session.

Create a Mood Board

I always recommend that you create a mood board on Pinterest. Pin all the things that inspire you for your brand and photo session ideas. Once you know what LOOK you are going for we can create a plan that will make your brand portrait session is a success.

Wear your brand colors!

Think about your brand and the color scheme that goes with it. Be sure to include the brand color palette in your wardrobe. You can look for tops or dresses that have your brand colors in them. You can also find more subtle ways to add your brand colors to your photo shoot, my favorites are LIPSTICK, JEWELRY, and SHOES. Having a website and social media account that i s perfectly coordinated is no accident… BRAND COLORS is an easy way to create brand recognition so your clients make the connection.


What makes you FEEL Good!

Please dress to impress… yourself! You have to put on the clothes that make you feel confident. Every women is DROP DEAD BEYONCE GORGEOUS… when she FEELS Drop dead Beyoncé gorgeous. If you are not a fan of your arm fat… cool, wear a longer sleeves. If you can’t stand your Mom Pouch grab a pair of Spanx or wear clothing that doesn’t hug that area.

What is your lifestyle?

So you’re health and fitness coach and you show up to the photo session in a business suit… yeah no, not going to work. Wear your leggings and sports bra and show people the REAL you! If you wouldn’t normally meet a client in a business suit it is not required for your photo session either.

Wardrobe Change!

I always recommend a change of clothes. But here is the thing, wear your least favorite outfit first. When you get started you’re going to be a little nervous. Save the best outfit for when you’re really feeling yourself!


No matter what you decide to wear… love it! And Love yourself… the rest is a piece of cake.

And no worries… I made a Pinterest board full of what to wear inspiration!


If you still have no clue then check out my style coach friend Roxanne Dunaway at Stilettos With Soul and she can help you dress the part!

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