Brand Photo Session Checklist


So you did it! You are ready to tell your brand story and attract more bomb ass clients for your business. You go girl! This post will walk you through what you need to do to prepare for your brand session so that you get the best results.

Chanel Wells-Henderson

Preparing for your brand photos with

Chanel Nicole Co.


1. Pamper yourself!

  • Treat your skin (at home facial/mask the week of session)

  • Get plenty of sleep before the session

  • Arrive with hair and makeup photo shoot ready

  • I always recommend investing in a professional makeup artist. The best results happen when you look and feel like a super star (WWBD… What Would Beyonce Do? )

  • Bring tools to touch up hair and makeup if necessary

  • Groom eyebrows and nails (Lord Jesus please don’t show up with chipped nail polish!)

2. What to wear

  • Incorporate your brand colors

  • Make sure the clothes represent your style and your brand. If you are not a super polished and professional brand don’t wear a suit. If you would never wear a dress in real life don’t put one one for your brand session. Show up how you would for a meeting with your dream client! For me that is jeans, a blouse, heels if I’m feeling fancy (I would be feeling fancy… dream client duh!)!

  • Be sure that the clothes are flattering for your figure and do not accentuate any areas you are uncomfortable with. I have to say first… I will not give you a picture where I think you look bad! But we all have a sensitive area… don’t sabotage yourself. A couple of examples: Do not wear tight tops if you are uncomfortable with your midsection. Avoid sleeveless if you do not like the size of your arms.

  • For a few more tips read this blog


If you have questions about what to wear ask me! I have friends in stylish places, we will figure it together.


3. Show off your process

The whole point of a brand photo session is to showcase what you do and how you do it. Any portion of your process that can be photographed will add so much value to your session. (ie. cake decorator, decorate a cake during session)

4. Products

If you have a physical product that you offer your clients bring them with you to be photographed too

5. Checkout some inspiration photos

Share inspiration with your photographer. This is a link to my Pinterest board with some of my favorite boss babe photo sessions.

Is there anything special in the photos that you may need to bring with you or plan ahead?

6. Props!

  • The studio is a blank canvas! Bring whatever you have that will help you create your pinterest perfect work space.

  • Try to incorporate your brand colors in the props.

Louisville KY photography studio Chanel Nicole Co
brand photography studio louisville ky

Some prop ideas:

● Books/magazines/notebooks

● laptops/ ipads

● Decorative pillows/throws

● Candles/Flowers/picture frames/ desk decor

● food/candy/cookies

● Tools of your trade (whatever you use to do your job… if you are a hairdresser bring shears).

If we are shooting on-location (in your office, workspace or home) be sure to clean and organize the space. LESS IS MORE!


If you haven’t booked your brand session with Louisville’s Best Brand Photographer click here to learn more!

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