How to upload a Favicon to your Squarespace website


What is a Favicon

A Favicon is the tiny icon that shows up in the web bar when you type in your URL or save a link in your favorites. This is also known as a browser icon.

If you have a Square Space website the default browser icon is a gray box.


A true tell that you have a DIY website is the favicon (or lack there of ).

Let your clients know that you're a boss and you came to slay... starting with the web bar.

It is such a simple and tiny change that makes a BIG difference. and all the pros use it... check out FB, IG, Target, Kate Spade.

Professionally branded websites change the default browser icon to something customized. It is usually replaced with some variation of the logo or submark. For example uses the red and white bullseye as their browser icon.

While you're browsing the web today see if you see some favicons!

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How to change the favicon from the default gray box in Squarespace

To make this change you should navigate to the DESIGN panel and then to LOGO & TITLE.


You can upload a browser URL icon for use with your site. This icon can be in PNG or ICO format and will be resized by the browser for display in your URL bar. Note: IE does not support PNG format. Squarespace recommends that you upload a image with a square ratio size 100px x 100px to 300px by 300 px.


Check out this video to see how it is done.


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