Clarifying your brand message

Your customer should be the Champion of the story not you. Businesses that invite their clients into epic stories are able to engage potential clients and grow their business.

 The problem most business have is not that their products, services, or offerings suck.  The real problem is how they talk about their offer.

Maslow hierarchy of needs

Beautiful logos and websites is simply not enough to get clients to buy what you’re selling.  It is a KEY component in the transaction; but pretty websites don't sell things… words sell things.

The best way to get the WORDS to make sense to the consumer is to tell a story.  Keep it simple!  The easier it is to follow and predict, the more likely it will click with your potential clients.  The goal is for readers to have an ‘aha moment’ or ‘hey that’s me’ moment, which will keep them engaged with your brand.  The most influential tool to hook and audience while keeping the information simple and engaging is telling a story

At our core humans are more simple than you think.  We just need these basic necessities met to survive. Let’s take a look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Basic Needs… so you don’t crock, Psychological needs… having a tribe that loves you, and Self Fulfillment… feeling like the shit aka “Momma I made It”

 If what you’re selling is not helping your clients in one of these categories… they’re not interested. Let me repeat, if you are not helping your clients exist AND prosper… THEY DON'T CARE.  If they don’t care they ignore you and click off your website.  Potential client GONE.

CHANEL NICOLE BLOG - clarify your brand message

Most of the brands I work with are making these fatal mistakes:

1. Not focusing on the aspects of your offer that will help people exist and prosper.

2. Making it too difficult to understand your offer


To make your offers crystal clear think of your client as the champion (main character) of the story and answer the following questions: 


1. Who is the Champion?

2. What do they want?

3. Who/what do they have to defeat to get what they want?

4. What awful things will happen if they don't win?

5. What bomb things will happen if they do win?


 That’s it!  You answer those questions in your brand story and position your potential clients as the champion of the story, they will buy whatever you’re selling!


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