2018 year end review


I found my sticky note of my 2018 goals! A post it not that has been taped somewhere on my desk for the past 12 months; a visual reminder that I have work to do.


2018 year in review:

My transition from Dreamer to DOer...

This year I promised myself to be a DOer... not just a Dreamer. At first that meant I needed to do more things... go on more adventures... so I did

😍 concerts

😍 traveling

😍 and lots of CHANEL time 

I had this feeling that I wasn’t doing enough... I wasn’t being fulfilled... I wasn’t doing the thing that lights my fire 😣 that’s depressing... so like a Gansta, I tucked that shit in my back pocket and moved on.

My friend Tiara started talking about relaunching her business and doing a new website, etc. Etc. She asked for my help... I rolled my eyes (because this was like website 3) 😐 but said okay let’s do it... 

And a thing happened...

I was having fun... I was DOING

Long story short... she said "Chanel, you're really good at this you should do this"... more rolling of my eyes. 😐 

Truth is I was just scared. 😣 What if I failed?

So my friend Trunetta called me to tell me one of her wins... and home girl was doing a lot of #winning so I said "coach me, teach me everything, Im ready".

Real life that was the hardest part 😣 

She gave me a list... 

I told myself "you're going to finish this shit before you turn 30." 

I checked off one thing at a time... and every time I checked off a thing my fire was growing... I was DOING. 🔥🔥



So what did I do?


Road to Manual Mode


I vowed not to turn my camera to the auto button. I purchased my first camera 7 years ago and adopted a fake it to you make it policy.  My biggest fear was being in a room full of real photographers because I didn't know how to work my camera. 2018 was about taking control if my images. I asked questions, and I practiced ALOT! Thanks to all my models! No more faking… I'm learning something new every time I pick up my camera.


Chanel Nicole Co.

💛 I photograph women. 💛 I build brands. 💛 I build websites. 

But most importantly I BUILD CONFIDENCE. 

Do you know what happens when the outside catches up with the inside... LIVES CHANGE... people see you different, they see your business different.  Its one of those "oh you was for real for real!" 😂😂

This year I took the time to do that for myself... which is how Chanel Nicole Co. got its roots.

Since April 2018 I have worked with over 35 women to help them tell their stories and better serve their tribes.  It has truly been an adventure.  I have met some super incredible women and I am so super proud of all their accomplishments.   

Chanel Nicole is not going away anytime soon.  I look forward to helping more women change the way people view their business.  If you want to learn more about how I can transform your online business check this out



Studio Always Fancy


 Trunetta tricked me into going to see a space with her… long story short the space was GORGEOUS and now we have a photography studio! Studio Always Fancy has been such a blessing.  I had given up on the idea of having an actual studio.  I instead was going to settle for a home office where I could invite clients over to review their images.  It was one of the things on my To Do List from Coach Tru.  I checked it off and then was blessed with the opportunity to get the studio.

Lesson Learned: Put in the work even for the small stuff because it prepares you for the big stuff.

 I am excited to have more beautiful faces come hang out with me at the studio.  I am excited to learn from you, teach you, and help you tell your stories! If you need to upgrade your look come visit me!


The B word

 I learned that the B word really isn’t that bad.  I met Financial Coach Melissa Blandford (she was one of the amazing women I got to help with Chanel Nicole).  We talked BUDGET… it was scary… I was mad at myself for letting money just fly out the window like it grows on trees.  I discovered that I didn’t have a clue about my money. 

I didn’t know how much I was making, how much I was spending, heck I didn’t even know how much money I really NEEDED.

But with the help of my new budget, I am on the road to financial freedom. Since I started in September I was able to pay off 3 credit cards and my car!  I also read the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz. I plan to take control of my business finances too. If you are struggling with money in your personal life or your business I highly recommend reaching out to Melissa and reading Profit First.

2019 I have made a financial goal of 100K! With the plan that I have set in place it doesn’t seem too out of reach.


So What’s Next?


I am really looking forward to 2019.

The New Year mantra:

“plan your work, work your plan”

My word –



For all my boss babes, if you are looking to be more intentional about your business in 2019, plan ahead and make life and business easier.

Download the free 2019 content Planner and start blogging and posting more consistently.

Happy Planning!



2019 I’m ready!

Happy New Year

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