7 Reasons HoneyBook Changed My Life and My Business


When I first started my business everything was a HOT MESS. I was using PayPal to collect my payments.  It was simple and easy but at the same time, I felt like my life was too complicated for how simple it was. 

A potential client would call and talk to me about a service and because I was probably multitasking and also working my full-time job,  I would just write down everything they asked for on a scrap piece of paper.  Before we hung up, I would promise to send an invoice later that evening (AKA on lunch break).  Once we disconnected I went back to work, headed home, started dinner and would completely forget to send the stupid invoice! KICK ME! And no, I wasn’t ballin’ out of control… I NEEDED every sale, or bills would not be getting paid. By the time I remembered to send the invoice… I couldn’t find the dang paper. LOST!  SMH I do not miss those days, they were hectic and I was working double time to keep up with payments, invoices, and constantly sending reminders for sessions and balances owed. I felt like a bill collector. 

And contracts… let’s not even get started on my nonexistence contract that sometimes got attached to the invoice and sometimes didn’t but almost NEVER received a signature.  BAD BUSINESS.

I was a mess.

I was lost, but now I am found!


Praise God for the geniuses that came up with HoneyBook

Queue the music, turn up Ginuwine because “MY WHOLE LIFE HAS CHANGED, SINCE YOU CAME IN”


HoneyBook streamlines and automates your client's experience from inquiry to final invoice.

They keep your clients moving through the workflow with automated reminders and notifications. Your pipeline visualizes where you are with your clients and what you need to work on, all in one place.


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Check out these 7 reason that you should be using a CRM (customer relationship management) system like HoneyBook if your business is offering a service.

1.       Electronic Contracts and Signatures

Without going into all the details know this… I have been screwed over because I didn’t have a proper contract in place.  If you are doing business without a contract eventually YOU WILL GET SCREWED TOO. It might not be tomorrow or even next week, but the contract is necessary to save you and your clients a lot of headaches.  It lays out the expectations and sets up a great working relationship.  

HoneyBook allows me to send contracts electronically AND get signatures from all parties ELECTRONICALLY! Mind blowing… I KNOW.  So no more meeting at the coffee shop across town to get the signatures on paper and let the work begin.  If you don’t read anything else HoneyBook has to offer this right here is enough to go ahead and buy the dang system… I’m not lying, I promise!   

2.       Easy To Collect Payments

Okay I HATED being that person who had to be a bug-a-boo about getting payments.  I HATED typing out the email to say “Hey Jess,  your final payment was due last week, when do you expect to submit the payment?” With HoneyBook I can set up invoices to allow my clients flexible payment plans.   HoneyBook has the sweetest email already written and ready to send off to gently remind clients of their payments.  AND I DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING.  It is automatic.  So I get notifications that literally say “YOU GOT PAID CHA CHING!”  Random happy dances in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon. I LOVE IT. 

3.       Customized Forms For My Website

You can customize the forms to collect all the things you need from your potential clients to get started.  AND you can customize them to match your brand.  Your HoneyBook form will fit in flawlessly with your SquareSpace website design.

4.       No Set-up Required

The set up was soooooooo easy!  HoneyBook staff loaded up all my pricing and package options.  They have templates that I can use to Create and send branded proposals, contracts, and invoices.  Or I can give them my current contract to load in the system for me. Seriously it was so simple!

5.       Connects to Google Calendar

Anyone who knows me knows I love my Google Calendar! If it is not on my Google Calendar IT WILL NOT HAPPEN! I have too much going on in my life to manage multiple calendars.  So everything gets a color and I have a dang rainbow every time I open the google calendar app… but its gets life done.  So ANOTHER calendar was not an option for me… HoneyBook syncs with my google calendar.  Back in the day if I managed to get the invoice and contract out the door on time and with no hassle, you can almost bet I forgot to put the event on my calendar! NOT ANYMORE!  As soon as you sign your contract and pay your deposit magic happens and BAM you’re in the calendar.

6.     Work From Anywhere With the Mobile App 

I am always on the go…Mommy, Wifey, multiple business owner, this full time job thing I still have going on.  Up until a few months ago I didn’t have an office.  I sat in the car and held my meetings via phone (LOL, I know I am not the only one). HoneyBook's mobile app ensures you can stay organized and continue running your business from anywhere (including the car). Access client details and files easily from meetings or events. Get new inquiry notifications and quickly respond with templates and files, even while away from your office. Pretty much it’s the bomb!

7.       Everything In One Place

I am like an organized ninja now.  Everything is in one place. I have signed contracts, on-time payments, full calendars, and happy clients.  Which means I have more time to do the things I love about running this business!


So if you are losing your mind like I was 458 days ago before I joined HoneyBook, you need to click here and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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