Where to get great images for your site. 


So you have decided to build a website yourself... you search for a Squarespace template.   You've picked one, it's perfect; you want your website to look JUST. LIKE. THAT.  

So you exchange their words for your words.  Swap out their images for the selfies and cell phone pictures that you have been collecting.  You look at the finished product and are flat out disappointed... Squarespace played you right?!?!?

Unfortunately this time you played yourself. 

A website is only as good as the images that you have on it.  

There are two ways to get beautiful professional images for your website. 

1.    Stock Images
2.    Custom Brand Photo Sessions   

sample stock photo 1.jpg

Stock Image

chanel nicole co-STYLED STOCK IMAGE.jpg

Custom Brand Photography

Stock Images

Stock images are professional images that are “general”. They are perfect for marketing and advertising, for promotional or creative projects, publishing, websites, blogs, and more. There are a ton of sites where you can purchase stock images.  Because of their public nature the images are not unique and can be purchased several thousand times. This means that Janie the blogger can be using the same image as Lesley the accountant. 

Some of my favorite places to get great stock images are:  

smaple stock photo.jpg


If you need new photos on a regular basis for your website or social media you can sign up for memberships with these companies and have full access to their styled stock library!   This means you can curate your social media and website to have consistent beautiful images that represent your brand.


Personalized Brand Photos

 If stock websites don’t have the flavor that you are looking for, or you don’t like the idea of being the same as someone else, create your own styled stock images!  You can always hire a local photographer to take the images for you.  

I actually prefer to take images for a client’s website because we have complete control of the brand visuals.  This helps keep your brand images consistent throughout website and social media. 

The other benefit of hiring a professional photographer to capture your brand images you get to be photographed too.  

One thing that I always struggled with was finding images (especially lifestyle images) that actually fit my lifestyle.  For example, I found a beautiful image of a black women sitting at a desk typing on the PC wearing my favorite color pink.  But I couldn’t use that image on my website because she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.  And for me and for my clientele it is important that the world knows I am a working mother and wife.  I advertise making working mothers and wives lives easier by taking away the task that they don’t like to do. So a wedding band was a must have, what I did… I got my picture taken! No compromise in my brand images. AND my brand visuals are constant throughout my site.  

Getting your own brand images has benefits in adding all the things that make your brand you!

Which do you prefer stock images or custom brand photos?

If you are looking to set up custom brand lifestyle session in your office, work space, or at our studio Let's do it! 


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