Personal Brand Photos for Trunetta Atwater


Personal Brand Photography

For Boudoir Photographer

As a photographer it is always a little nerve wrecking being in front of the camera. We know so much about how it is supposed to go that it takes a lot of focus to let go of the control and completely trust your photographer. So with that being said… as a photographer, photographing a peer photographer means you have your work cut out for you!

This month I had the privilege of photographing Trunetta Atwater. Tru is a boudoir photographer based in Columbia, SC. We met many moons ago at a bridal show in Louisville, KY. With a collaboration over competition mindset we became business besties first… then just straight up real life best friends. My husband calls us Fake Ass Twins! Its true, we think a lot a like. It is kind of scary. It is always an honor to shoot Tru, I have been a fan of her work since I met her at the bridal show say “how is this!?! She is good!” and I am excited to see her grow her business in a new area.

Trunetta and I attended a photography conference Hustle In Heels in MGM Nation Harbor. The conference put on by Michelle Harris was very inspiring, a room full of women supporting women. I was excited to be there… more on that story soon. BUT Trunetta and I took advantage of the beautiful location and updated some brand photos for Trunetta to introduce herself to her new market. Check out one of my favorite bomb ass boss babes and let me know what you think about her session!

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