places to use your new headshot

11 Places to use your new head shot!

This month I had the opportunity to be a vendor at the Summit of Slay an inclusive and female entrepreneur summit with 2 Days of Powerhouse Confidence, Business Strategy, and Social Marketing Training. I am a regular at the Chardonnay and Slay networking events in Louisville KY hosted by business coach Jamie King. I have met so many bomb ass women through this network who have become both clients and friends. As an entrepreneur I have seen first hand that the mindset of collaboration over competition really works! There is enough out here for all of us to eat as long as we support each other…

As a vendor I was showcasing Personal Brand Photography including professional head shots. So during the Summit I made it my personal mission to get guest a new head shot. So often as a baby grape (what Jamie calls a newbie to business) the biggest thing that is holding you back is fear. Fear of putting ourselves out there because people will not take us seriously. A new head shot does a lot for your brand, but mostly because it does so much more for your self confidence.

I new head shot is a new opportunity to introduce yourself to world and share your gift.

Check out these 11 places you should show off your new head shot.

  1. Profile Pictures

    • Instagram

    • Facebook

    • Linkedin

    • Pinterest

  2. Instant message

  3. Google suites

  4. Website about page

  5. Welcome magazine or guide

  6. Press release or publications

  7. Speaking proposals

  8. Business card

  9. Media kit

  10. Email signature

  11. Upcoming sales or promo graphic

If you are in need of an updated head shot let’s do this! Click here to get more information. Click her if you are READY and you know you needed this like YESTERDAY.

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