Chanel Nicole is a Squarespace website designer. Chanel helps creative entrepreneurs build custom websites to promote their business. Chanel also provides Brand Visual services including logo design, brand photography, product photography, and head shots.

Is your shit together?

Imagine the best possible client just landed on your home page…

Is she going to book you or nah? 

If the answer is nah...

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Build a brand that helps you stand out from the crowd

You are overwhelmed by doing ALL THE THINGS for your business; including your DIY website.  You have dragged and you  have dropped and it is still not right!

You are ready for an UPGRADE and want to level up your business…

But you can not move even one step further until you find someone who gets you and your brand enough to take over the icky stuff you do not like to do.

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Brand Photography

Dump your crappy cell phone pictures... replace them with fun vibrant photos of you, your team, your products! LEARN MORE

Website Design

If you have dragged & dropped & it still isn't giving clients the wow factor, let me up grade you!  LEARN MORE

Brand Styling

Get the  consistent look you've been looking for with designs made for your brand.  LEARN MORE


clients tell me they hired me because of my website!

"From my business websites to my branding for my blog, Chanel has nailed it all each time. I can present her with a vague idea, she does her research, and delivers something better than I was expecting every. single. time. I have had clients to tell me that they hired me because of my website(s). They are professional yet fun and NAIL my personality perfectly. Chanel is a beast.” -TIARA

Founder of White Flower Weddings and Touche By Tiara

Founder of White Flower Weddings and Touche By Tiara


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