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Roxanne has an incredible story with big ah ha life changing moments and it was an honor to help her declare to the world that she is ready for business!

If you every need an ultimate closet purge, a pep talk, and a boost of confidence, you need Stilettos With Soul.

This girl has style!

What was I charged with? Creating Roxanne a personal brand that gave off high vibes and with a brilliant mix of her favorite iconic girl bosses.

What did I do


  • Brand Styling - I learned a new color… Chartreuse!

  • Squarespace Website Design - Roxanne wanted an easy to navigate website that showcased the very best parts of her brand message. It was particularly important for site visitors to subscribe to her mailing list so she can update them on all the latest style tips.

  • Brand Photography - Never has anyone brought so many “props” to the studio. I was a little shocked when I went to help carrier everything in. But honestly I should have expected it… she is a stylist… a killer one at that! Roxanne transformed a blank space into her on Pinterest Style beauty room! I was obsessed with how everything came together. So if you’re reading this and you have no clue what you want to do for your photo session Stilettos With Soul will style you to perfection.

If you are thinking of updating your look with some style and consistency check out #AllTheThings


Squarespace Website Design for Stylist and Coaches


Lifestyle Brand Photography for Creative Entrepreneurs


New Logo… Who Dis?

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