Touche' by Tiara - Blogger and Social Influencer

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Tiara and I have worked together several times before with her wedding business White Flower Weddings. When she told me that she was ready to break into the blogging world I told her NO, NOPE, NADA. LOL - Tiara doesn’t like to write… well look at you now all published and official!

You go girl!

What was I charged with? Creating Tiara a personal brand that looked nothing like her wedding business.

What did I do #AllTheThings

  • Brand Styling

  • Squarespace Website Design

  • Brand Photography - Tiara gets our monthly photography sessions which is perfect for keeping her photos fresh and update and giving her plenty of content to post on social media.

  • Canva Course - I taught Tiara how to use Canva, an online graphic design tool used to create blog post templates and social media templates.

As Tiara would say

Let me see, let me see!!


Squarespace Website Design for Bloggers


Brand Photography


New Logo… Who Dis?


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