Are your working ON your Business or just IN your Business?

Working ON your business and working IN your business are two completely different things.  In order to scale and grow you need to be doing both! 


Working In your business is the workflow and tasks that you are doing in order to complete client projects and meet client deadlines.  For Chanel Nicole Co. that means designing logos, creating websites and photographing clients. It is about serving your clients and delivering an exceptional client experience.  Working ON you business is the task and steps that you take to grow your business and take your business to the next level. 


Here are the top 4 things I do to work ON my business 

Make a plan

As business owners we all have this never ending to do list
 Learn this, sign up for that, update this, create that.  
Let’s be honest, it is a lot of shit! ESPECIALLY if you’re doing it all on your own.  While some of us have reached the point where we can outsource some of those task, we have to KNOW what the plan is before you can pass the buck to someone else.  Not ready to hire someone else?… You better have a game plan drawn out and ready.      

Once a quarter write down your business goals.  What do you need to accomplish in order for your business to achieve those goals? Put it on the list… all the steps even the baby ones that you think are so simple they don't deserve a spot.  

Put it on the calendar 

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Now that you know what steps you have to take and you have an actual list of things to do, we have to make time to do them.  Mark your calendar with blocks of time to work ON your business.  No clients projects happen at this time!  It’s your time to accomplish the thing you need to meet those goals.  I love my google calendar, it is color coordinated so I pick my color for working on the business. I set up a block of time and reminders so I can start checking things off my list. 

Schedule education opportunities

For Chanel Nicole, Wednesday is learning day! From 6-8 I go to the studio and dive in and learn something that will help me operate are get better for my business.  In the world of YouTube we really can teach ourselves almost anything… but sometimes it is better to get in front of an expert and be able to ask questions.  Every industry has educators who are teaching the things you need to know.  Sign up for conferences and classes that give you the chance to get in front of the experts.  Not only will you learn something but you will be inspired.  We all know how much a little bit of hope and inspiration can carry you in the world of entrepreneurship.   


Have an accountability partner

Whether you hire a business coach or just get yourself a business BFF we need help to stay on task.  When #allthethings start to become overwhelming we tend to shut down.  Growth comes from consistent  effort.  Get someone in your corner who is checking on your progress. It’s like losing weight, if someone isn’t there smacking the cookie out of my hand or calling me to make sure I am on my way to the gym… I would be gaining 5 lbs a week and watching Netflix all day.  You need someone to be your personal cheerleader. 


How will you work ON your business this week? 


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