Site Goals: Making it crystal clear what you want your client to do when they get to your website

Let's talk site goals? What is the objective of your website?
If you are a service based business your site should have an objective other than being informational.  If you are building your website without knowing EXACTLY what it is you want your potential clients to do when they get there… how the hell do you expect them to know what to hire you for?!

Your home page should be two things:
1.    A Sign – A sign that they have landed on the right site and that you have solutions for their problems.  This can usually be accomplished with a good tag line tell who you are what you do and who you do it for.
2.    A Roadmap – Your home page should layout exactly where they need to click to make sure they find their answers. 

What happens when your clients find answers to their problems on your website? 

Setting up your roadmap:

First let me be clear, IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO YOUR IDEAL CLIENT IS these next steps will not help you.  It is CRUCIAL to know how your clients think and what problems they have so that you can know how to solve them and speak to them on your website.

Common site goals are:
 👉🏽 Get potential clients to buy or book your service
 👉🏽 Get site visitors to subscribe to your mailing list (because hello free marketing)
 👉🏽 Get site visitors to join your social media network (like, follow, share)
 👉🏽 Have your potential clients book a free consultation (so you can sweet talk them)

Whatever your site goal is, it should be addressed on your  🏠home page! MULTIPLE TIMES

Let’s use your hair stylist as an example: 

As a hair dresser your goal is to get clients into your salon for their appointments, you want them to book your services... there should be a  📆calendar or Book Now button on your home page.  The client shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to figure out how to make an appointment with ypu, especially since that is exactly how you make your money. 

Let’s use a blogger for an example:

As a blogger your following is SOOO important.  If you do not have readers viewing reading and sharing your blog, well what’s the point, right?  Your objective is to get your message to all of your people.  As a blogger you want to encourage people to join your mailing list and or be social with you on your platforms.  In this case right there on the home page you need to collect their email address.  This doesn’t have to be in the boring “subscribe here” kind of way.  You can offer a freebie to get their email, you can have a quiz to get their email there are so many ways to get the email address from your ideal client so you can keep, loving on them. 

Make it clear as day what you want someone to do and don't make them have to search for it.

 ✏Think about your site goals come up with no more than TWO
 ✏Make sure your goals are addressed on the home page.

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