Improving Squarespace SEO


Easy steps you can implement TODAY to improve SEO for your Squarespace Website.


What is SEO

“SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” All major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have primary search results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.”


How to Improve your SEO

Know Your Keywords

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The first step to improving your SEO is to know what people are actually searching for.  What words will your ideal client be typing in the Google or Pinterest to find your business?  If you make custom baker they might search BIRTHDAY CAKES, or CUSTOM BIRTHDAY CAKES. But what else?  If they live in Louisville, KY you can be for certain they do not want to drive to New York for a birthday cake. So a they may enter CUSTOM BIRTHDAY CAKES IN LOUISVILLE, KY.

If you need help finding keywords go to Google AdWords and type in one keyword and it will provide additional suggestions.  You can also do this on Pinterest, search one keyword and several related suggestions will populate below.

Update Your Site Title

The website title CAN and SHOULD be more than just your business name. The title can be your business name AND include some keywords that will help your clients find you.  

Weak Site Title: Chanel Nicole Co.

BOMB Site Title: Chanel Nicole Co. | Squarespace Website Design, Brand Styling, and Photography for Entrepreneurs

Update your site title in Squarespace by going to the main menu and clicking Design > Logo & Title > Site Title/Tag Line.

The same thought process should be applied towards PAGE titles.

You can edit a page title by:

  • On the Pages panel, find the page you want to edit.

  • Hover over the page title.

  • Click the gear next to the title to open Page Settings.

  • Update the Page title in the Page title box.

  • Enter your description in the Description box.

  • Click Save.

Repeat this process for every page on your site.


Update Your Descriptions

A search description is the text that appears below a page title/link in search results. Squarespace includes fields for editing your site’s search engine description and your pages’ descriptions. Either might appear in search results depending on the search terms used.

Your ideal client will read these descriptions to decide if they want to click on your site or choose a competitors site instead. To make your site inviting use normal sentences – DO NOT just listing a bunch of keywords in your description.  Its called keyword stuffing and google already peeped game it's not going to work. Use normal sentences! The best thing you can do is make your descriptions short, relevant, and readable.

Add a search engine description:

Home Menu > Settings > SEO > In the Search Engine Description box, enter your description and click save.


Name and Optimize Your Images

Although your website viewers are unable to see the names of the images on your website Google can.  It is important to name your images using descriptive key words so that google know what is going on on that particular page.  So instead of naming images DSC-123, name them something like Barney_Birthday_Cake_Cocos_Cakes_Bakery.jpeg. Doing this tells us that Coco’s Cakes Bakery provides custom cakes on google.  And clients on Pinterest will find a sample of a bomb ass Barney cake they have been looking for. For more information on optimizing images check this blog post.


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