Are Facebook pixels important?  Do I need them or not?


What is a Facebook Pixel?

A Facebook pixel is code that you place on your website. It helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads based on collected data, build targeted audiences for future ads, and re-market to qualified leads—people who have already taken some kind of action on your website.

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Basically a pixel is spying on the people who are visiting the pages on your website where you have a pixel code.  We want to know who they are, what they are doing, what they are like. The more we know about the kind of people visiting our page, the more we can customize our ads on Facebook to target and reach those people.

Why is a Facebook Pixel important?

Big Brother is watching you…

Have you ever googled something or went on a website and then you get on Facebook and scroll a little bit and then BAM there goes the ad for the same shit you were just looking at?!?!? That scary shit is pixels at work!

The Facebook Pixel helps you figure out who is your audience based on specific actions that they have taken, like completed a form, clicked a product, etc. It helps to retarget them when you create a Facebook ad.  

How do I add the pixel to my Squarespace website?

Create the Pixel from Facebook in the Business Manager

  1. Go to Business Manager Settings tab in Ads Manager.

  2. Click Pixels under People and Assets.

  3. Click Create a Facebook Pixel.

  4. Type in a name for your pixel.

  5. Check the box to agree to the Facebook Pixel Terms.

  6. Click Next.

  7. To start installing your pixel on your website, click Set Up Now.


Add the Pixel to Squarespace

  1. Log into your Squarespace account and click on Settings.

  2. At the bottom of the Website section on the left-hand menu, click on Advanced.

  3. Click on Code Injection.

  4. Paste the Pixel in the box under Header.

all done!


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