7 Questions you should ask during your consultation

You are overwhelmed by doing ALL THE THINGS for your business; including your DIY website. You have dragged and you have dropped and it is still not right!

You are ready for an UPGRADE and want to level up your business…

But you cannot move even one step further until you find someone who gets you and your brand enough to take over the icky stuff you do not like to do.

Finding a website designer that fits your style doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require research and some good interview skills… yes I said Interview.

Most website designers provide a complimentary consultation . As much as you don’t want to hire the wrong designer, we don’t want to be hired by the wrong client. It is your opportunity to learn about the design process and figure out if this the designer is the RIGHT fit for YOUR business.

what to ask my squarespace website designer during our free consultation

These are 5 questions you should defiantly ask during your design consultation


1. How long will the entire process take?

If you are operating on a deadline the designer needs to know that before your project begins so that we can set REALISTIC milestones and deadlines.

2. What information am I responsible for?

You need to know what you will be required to provide to begin the design process. It is important that you know this ahead of time so no time is delayed waiting for you to gather your required information.

3. Who will maintain the website?

What if you need to make changes and updates to the website, who will do that? If your designer is offering maintenance, how much does it cost?

4. Where will my website be hosted?

5. What other fees will I be charged?

6. Can you provide links to websites you have designed?

You need to look at their portfolio to be sure their design style matches what you are going for. Chances are if you do not like any of the websites they have designed for others you will not like yours either.

7. These are my website must haves….. Can you accommodate these request?

BEFORE you being the hiring process you should already know what you NEED your website to do. If you need to be able to purchase products ask about setting up a store etc.


To book your free consultation with Chanel Nicole click the button below! I would love to answer your questions and let you test your interview skills.