5 Reason I choose Squarespace for myself and my clients


Way back in 2011,  I started my journey as an creative entrepreneur.  Back then I had the "fake it until you make it" attitude, but eventually I decided I needed to be a little more official.  My first order of business was to make sure I had a website... ya know, because anyone with a website had to be legit…duh..LOL!   I have an uncle who was a graphic design major in college, he always fooled around with various websites.  When I decided I was going into business for myself as a photographer I asked him to help me.  His response?  “Do it yourself.”

I just looked at him like he was nuts because there was no way I was going to be able learn “code” or whatever, to do my own site. 

That was the worst and best thing he ever said to me… because… LOOK AT ME NOW! I studied it, learned it, figured it out and now here I am “doing it myself” for me and a bunch of other bomb ass women in business. So… Thank you Uncle Markus! 

That being said, do you know the one question I get asked most often is the same question I asked myself back when Uncle Markus was being difficult, “how can I build a website without knowing code?” 



5 Reasons I Choose Squarespace



1.       Nearly every inch of the website can be changed and customized. 

On other platforms,  to get the look you are going for you have to purchase templates and plugins.  With Squarespace the designing is free, easy, and can nearly every piece of the site can be customized to fit your brand and display a gorgeous website to your clients.  My favorite template is the “Brine” template.  It allows you to beautifully showcase banner images that will really set you apart from others who are making DIY sites.  I highly recommend any template in “ Brine” family. 

2.       Everything is in one place. 

When you opt for Square Space annual plan you get a free 1 year domain name (ie. www.MyBusinessNameHere.com), and a free subscription to G-Suites.  That means you get professional email address INCLUDED (ie. YourName@MyBusinessNameHere.com). The best part is that all of it can be managed in one space!  No need to have fees for various sites (www.GoDaddy.com), it’s a one stop shop. This is especially helpful when you are renewing, one bill is better than four. Am I right or am I right?

3.       Phenomenal customer service.  

It is okay if you don’t know where and how to do everything.  Squarespace has HELP documents that are easy to find, read, and follow.  Not only that they have superior customer service… if reading is not your thing you can tell them what is going on and they help solve the issue FAST! With Squarespace you are never on your own.

4.       Scheduling made easy

When you get a Squarespace business plan you get a subscription to Acuity for free. Acuity (https://acuityscheduling.com/) is an online appointment scheduling software. Clients schedule appointments, pay, and complete intake forms online 24/7.  So if you have ever played the back and forth game with a client, “does this day work? What about this day? How about 4? No, maybe 6?” IT IS ANNOYING for you and for your client.  With Acuity your clients can schedule appointments right on your website.  Squarespace offers Acuity Schedule integration, you can manage appointment types, send reminders and sync with your google calendar… this alone was worth the switch!

5.       Web design for dummies

The interface is extremely user friendly.  This means that if you don’t have to hire a web designer, you can do it own your own. It’s simple, I promise.  But even if you do hire a professional website designer to add their special touch, the great news as that most are familiar with Squarespace and can design with ease. Worried about maintaining it yourself? Usually, when I design a site, my customers are able to easily access it make the changes that they desire to make it, to keep their sites growing with their business needs.


What reason do you love Squarespace for your business? 

Not  loving it yet? Tried it, but DIY website is still not your thing?  No worries I got you... Book a free consultation with me to discuss how we can get you the website you've been dreaming of!  

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