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A 404 error page is the place where you find yourself when you visit a link that is broken or a page that doesn’t exist.    Your website’s 404 or “Not Found” error message will appear when the server is unable to locate a page, usually due to a dead link or incorrect URL. 

😣 If you have ever ended up here what are YOU most likely to do?

 Hit the X and try the next site... clearly their shit doesn't work!  😒

What if instead you can showcase your brand, your personality, and most importantly REDIRECT your website visitors to a place that is beneficial?

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Now let’s be clear… we never really want our site visitors to make it to the 404 error page.  This means that something on your website is not working the way you intended it to work.  BUT shit happens… so this blog post is about being prepared and saving the potential sale. If the visitor leaves your website, you can be sure that they are not buying anything or booking your service.


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Here are 3 reasons you should customize your 404 Error Page:

1.       Create Brand Recognition  😉

Keep it consistent and cute.

This page will match the rest of your website pages, which means you can reinforce your brand visuals.  Most of time an error page is boring, it does not look anything like the website that you have taken the time to customize to tell your brand story.  So keep it cute! A customized 404 error page shows that you care about your brand and your users experience even during an OOPs moment. 

2.       Save The Sale  🤑

Keep your client on your website. 

The goal is to keep the visitor on the website rather than having them exit because they are unable to find the information they are looking for.  You want to redirect your website visitors to pages on the website that might be more beneficial for them.  Provide visitor with more information by adding popular links, forms or post.

My favorite thing to include on a 404 page is a blog summary.  Link visitors back to information that will help them love you, trust you, and want to work with you. This is going to increase the chances of conversion.

3.       Show Them You’re Cool and Grateful.

This is a place to be unapologetically you! The 404 error page is prime real estate for personality. This is a good place to add a little sassy copy or a good joke! Remember that they only landed here because of an error… show some gratitude to your future client! “Thank you” or “I am sorry” really helps to reduce the frustration of not finding what they were hoping for. 

Squarespace websites have a system default 404 page. This default page lets visitors know why the content may not be appearing. It includes links to your site's homepage and search page to help them find the content they're looking for.

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If you choose Squarespace to host your website, this is how you can customize your 404 error page:

Create the new page.  You can use a cover or a regular page.

1.    Create a new page and place it in the Not Linked section.

2.    Add your custom text and, if you like, an image

Set the new page to be the 404 page:

1.    Click in the Home Menu > Settings > Advanced.

2.    Click 404 Error / Page Not Found. 

3.    Click the drop-down menu and select the title of your custom 404 Error Page.

404 step 1.png
404 step 2.png
404 step 3.png

Done and Done!

PS.  As a Chanel Nicole Co. Squarespace design client you get a custom error page included in your website design… FREE!


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