You are Invited!


It is time for an upgrade... an upgrade in how we do business!

I wanted to create a Facebook group for my clients and other boss babes to learn and grow their business.

This group will help you if...

empowered women chanel nicole co

😒you have a Website you don't love

😒you need a website but dont know where to start

😒you have a site but nobody is booking you or buying your product

😒your about me page has a selfie

😒you have no idea what SEO is

😒you want more traffic to your website

I have been there😲 it sucks and it's frustrating😣. But I want to help those side eyes turn to heart eyes😍! Because let's be real if you website is the shit you are going to make more money!

My personal super power is building fabulous websites... but there are other talented women in the group that can help you with other business needs... SO ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS.

I look forward to growing and learning with you. Don't hold back... time to let your inner goddess rule the world! #DreamBig

Hey Girl Hey! I am Chanel and I work with boss babes and creative entrepreneurs who want to stand out from the crowd and take their brand to the next level. I am a Photographer, SquareSpace Web Designer, and Brand Stylist so basically I can help you with #AllTheThings! If you are ready for an upgrade Let's Chat